Here in the Midwest, it’s been cold–sometimes too cold to spend much time outside. On days the mercury climbs above single digits Fahrenheit, I make it a point to get some fresh air and to look for the beauty of the season.   I explore the neighborhood park…   …and go to the Mississippi River […]

  A friend of mine issued a challenge to me on Facebook: to post black and white photos for 7 days in a row, with no images of people and no explanations. I was extremely busy at the time, but accepted the challenge and had a lot of fun posting the images to Instagram and […]

  March is the Crow Moon. My monthly moon poem for March is finished. This time also coincides with a request for a linoleum-block image of a crow, so I had a bit of inky fun this weekend. I also had a request to make a lino-cut image of a bear; apropos, I think, as […]

  JANUARY: FULL OLD MOON / FULL WOLF MOON                      Short days— time tilted to nighttime gives us more time to bay at the moon.   We are one.   We howl our new ideas at the Old Wise Moon. Wolf shows us the way of […]

Above image is for the Full Buck Moon month poem.   *** I’m working to compile about 17 months-worth of full moon poems into a chapbook (I keep writing a poem a month, so no tellin’ how long the final book will be). The names of the poems are inspired by the full moon names […]

I found these orchids on the clearance shelf at Lowe’s. With a few good soaks and some orchid food, they have new leaves and air roots. Hoping for flowers on these phalaenopses. While in my windowsill Narcissus forced to their papery white conclusion because I cannot wait.   Happy Spring! ( Narcissus excerpt from my […]

  This past Thursday was PechaKucha Night at the Figge Art Museum. What is PechaKucha?PechaKucha or Pecha Kucha is the Japanese word meaning “chit chat.” It is a “20 x 20” format: twenty slides with twenty seconds each slide; each presenter has a total of six minutes, forty second each presentation. The inaugural Pecha Kucha Night was […]