Crows and Bears



March is the Crow Moon. My monthly moon poem for March is finished. This time also coincides with a request for a linoleum-block image of a crow, so I had a bit of inky fun this weekend.

I also had a request to make a lino-cut image of a bear; apropos, I think, as bears (& humans in the Northern Hemisphere) emerge from hibernation.



Happy Almost Spring!


(Images are copyright-protected. Do not reproduce images without permission of the artist: me)





  1. I wanted to come back to this. So, I’m glad your comment on my blog gave me a reminder. I really like these. You’ve captured the essence of the animals very well. I’ve always loved the simplicity and contrast of lino-cuts. Interesting resource about the moons as well.

  2. Thank you so much On a Sea In The Sky. I love your photography. As for the moons: I write a monthly moon poem for a drum circle I attend. As a jumping off point, I use either the Farmers’ Almanac names or Native American names for the full moon. I published a small Moon Poems poetry chapbook and included 4 inside lino-cut illustrations that go with some of the poems: Salmon; Buck; Beaver; and Wolf.

  3. I had seen that post about the chapbook but just now noticed the date. Did you sell them or give them all away? Your poetry and prints go so well together. Those prints look like they’re straight out of an old book on exploring and/or wildlife. I’ve never attended a drum circle before. I’m guessing you read your poem to the beat of the drums? It all just sounds so interesting and in tune with nature.

  4. Actually, the room is quiet while I read, but the poem is often followed up by a Native American flute performance by one of the attendees.

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