Moon Poems



JANUARY: FULL OLD MOON / FULL WOLF MOON                     

Short days—

time tilted to nighttime

gives us more time to bay at the moon.


We are one.


We howl our new ideas at the Old Wise Moon.

Wolf shows us the way of living together:

Honor blood ties, yet stand apart.

Relish time together and

take solitary time to get to the core.


Howl in a new year—

a tabula rasa.

Howl in the day—

Each moment

a clean slate.

~by Therese Guise


My MOON POEMS chapbook finally came together in December. I wrote the above poem for January 2016. The book is dedicated to the Unitarian Universalist Church drum circle community in Davenport, Iowa, for whom I write these monthly poems.

Peace and Light to All in 2017!



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