Get Lost: Collage by Amber Williams

When you go see the current art show at Rozz-Tox, remember to look up. Like a Greek architectural frieze, there are larger works above the smaller paintings hung at eye level. Amber Williams and Andy Finkle’s show, “Get Lost” is aptly named: it’s easy to get lost in the layers of decoupaged collages and eye-catching small paintings.

Williams’ decoupaged collages are whimsical without being saccharine. Decoupage is the French word for “cutting” or “cut-out.” Williams presents Mod-Podge undertakings the likes of which I have never seen. When you go, try to go during daylight, so you can appreciate the intricate detail and depth she achieves with re-purposed security envelopes and other bits of paper.




Detail below of Unscathed. Above the porcupine is a soaring phoenix. Don’t take my word for it:



Hello Mountain Goat! is one of Williams’ earliest works in the show. Can you find the words, “especially alone,” the images below? Williams uses text sparingly and, rightfully, relies on composition and rich texture to do the work of delighting the viewer.

mt goat especially alone

The collages are priced for nearly anyone to be able to start or expand their art collection. To make her art even more accessible, Sasquatch and the large rectangular cityscape, Before the Dawn, are both available as limited edition prints. I suggest you purchase one of Williams’ collages while they are still affordable.

before the dawn amber williams

Detail: Before the Dawn


Andy Finkle’s bright, whimsically-named pieces, and black and white prints, are a great pairing with Amber Williams’ more intricate work. It doesn’t get much more fun than his petite oeuvre, Bigfoot’s in Love:

AF bigfoots in love


Get Lost: Collages by Amber Williams and Paintings by Andy Finkle” will be installed until the end of July, at Rozz-Tox, in Rock Island. Besides art, Rozz-Tox promotes music and an eclectic choice of food and drink.

Rozz-Tox/ 2108 – 3rd Avenue / Rock Island, Illinois

amber andy


…you can meet Amber and see her art-in-action at the QC Co-Lab’s inaugural QC MakeFest, at the RiverCenter, downtown Davenport, Iowa, on July 18th, from 10 a.m.  – 6 p.m.. The QC Co-Lab MakeFest 2015 is a family-friendly event to showcase invention, learning, and making. Exhibits will include 3D printers, robots, a quadcopter race course, and art. Admission is free.


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  1. […] In Ms. Williams’ presentation she featured collages she makes with security envelopes and other scraps of paper. For more information on her work,  you can see my earlier blog post on the “Get Lost” art show she had at Rozz-Tox. […]

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