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Local Lovers at Rozz-Tox

  Last Thursday was the Local Lovers open mic night at Rozz-Tox in Rock Island, Illinois. Rozz-Tox is a funky jewel of a place– a cafe and bar–a place you can get pu-erh tea or Ovaltine, sake or lingonberry juice, kimchi or a red velvet cupcake. It’s a great place to see live music, but […]

The Genesius Guild

I attended a double-header performance of Greek tragedies on Sunday evening. It was my first experience of a Genesius Guild performance. The wind was rustling through the crowns of mature trees at Lincoln Park, in Rock Island, Illinois. Revelers nearby lit the occasional firecracker, getting ready for the Fourth of July, and birds sang in […]

Kevin Young: Poetry and Anatomical Gifts

Photo of my father on his honeymoon. *** Radio interruptus: I started to listen to Terry Gross interview Kevin Young on Fresh Air last month. My listening was interrupted by a call from my aunt and I just now finished listening to this radio piece. This interview combines two of my passions: poetry and the […]

The Wahls Protocol

The Wahls Protocol.

Portents of Spring

It’s been an exceptionally cold winter in the Midwest, and, yet, the geese fly northward. Their direction knows something I don’t. They trust the lengthening days will again bring days when the sun radiates warmth. Flying Vs portend Spring. Honk. Honk.  

Whirling Music and Words: the poetry of MathGames and Rumi

I went to see an incredible guitarist, Fareed Haque, with his band, MathGames, at River Music Experience. The bass player and drummer were “in-the-pocket” and provided a solid foundation for crazy-good guitar riffs and explorations. The interplay between the trio was nothing short of stunning.  An intricate, textured wall of sound: this is as close […]

SPECTRA poetry night

Recently, I experienced yet another amazing night of live poetry at Rozz-Tox cafe. It was the kickoff of the new season of the  SPECTRA poetry series, sponsored by the Midwest Writing Center. It was a female-fueled evening and featured two guest poets, Dora Malech and Jennifer Perrine. Local female poets started the evening out with their poems, […]